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SILT (Stuff I Learned Today) #1

May 21, 2008

So the process here is to tell you something that I learned today (a hard fact, a philosophical conclusion, a cooking tip, etc), something that I already know (hopefully something that will be of value to readers) and to ask about something that I want to know. I will post questions on Yahoo Answers for the “Stuff I want to know” and link to them so that people can see the answers I get. I’m hoping to do this several times a week, maybe even every day. (Who knows, I’m ambitious).


Stuff I learned today: Just because it is the day that things are finally happening doesn’t mean that you will get any kind of closure or that you will even actually know what happened.

Also, Oregon has a mail-in only primary.

Stuff I already know:  In photography, “dodging” is the process of preventing light from hitting one section of the photo paper while exposing the rest of the sheet to light. This results in that section of the sheet being lighter, and can be used to bring more detail into the shadows. This process is accomplished by moving hands or anything else that blocks light in between the enlarger lens and the paper. “Burning,” the opposite of dodging, is the process of allowing more light to hit one section of a page after the rest has been properly exposed. This is done by covering all but the section that you wish to expose longer. Burning allows more detail to be added to lighter areas of the photo. Neither burning nor dodging can be used to add detail that is not present in the original negative.

Stuff I want to know: Is it possible to scan black and white negatives onto the computer and manipulate the images (essentially having all of your negatives as digital pictures)? If so, is any kind of software or equipment required beyond a scanner and a basic editing program?

See people’s answers here!

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