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SILT (Stuff I Learned Today) #3

May 23, 2008

Stuff I learned today: Sometimes, even when you think something is broken forever, it fixes itself without any help from you.

Also: Most stairwells in public buildings are constructed to be either “one hour” or “two hour” fire safety areas. This means that the stairway, with the doors closed, can withstand fire, even if the rest of the building is burning, for one to two hours. This also means that if there is an injured person that you cannot get out of the building, the best place to leave them for the firefighters is in the stairwell. Be sure to tell a fireman  about the person you left inside!

Stuff I already know: A grand jury serves to decide if a case should go to trial. The jury listens to evidence presented by the prosecution, and can issue an indictment. Usually the defendant is not represented by a lawyer, and cannot call witnesses. A grand jury is usually made up of more people than a trial jury.

Stuff I want to know: Where is a good place for an experienced rider to rent horses in Lexington, KY? Check here for answers.

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