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May 29, 2008

Stuff I Learned Today: Caterpillars have a set timetable for their evolution to butterflies. I’m currently, thanks to a cool present that my boyfriend purchased for me, raising four caterpillars (there were five, but one died). They will become Painted Lady butterflies. I received them last week, and they spent a week growing. Then, all of a sudden, two of them started moving to the top of their little enclosure. Soon after, a third followed. Caterpillars One and Two then began to hang upside down. Caterpillar Three soon followed suit. This morning when I awakened, Caterpillars One, Two, and Three were hanging upside down with one end of their body folded up, making them look like J’s. Caterpillar Four was moving to the ceiling of the enclosure. Caterpillars One and Two, this afternoon, began to form cocoons around themselves. Within a few hours, Caterpillar Three followed. Caterpillar Four is still just chilling on the ceiling, but I predict that by morning he will be hanging in J formation. Once they’re all cocooned, I will move them to the larger enclosure, and I’ll keep you informed about their progress.

Stuff I Already Know: Marietta, Ohio was the first organized settlement in the Northwest Territory. Marietta has a long and exciting history, including river travel and trade (the Mississippi Queen and the American Queen still stop there sometimes), participation in various wars (there are reputedly more Revolutionary War soldiers buried in the Washington County than anywhere else), Underground Railroad activity, and hauntings. The area was also once home to several tribes of Native Americans.  More to come on Marietta at a later date!

Stuff I Want to Know: Rear view mirrors in cars usually have the ability to be “flipped down” so that headlights behind you aren’t so bright. My assumption is that there is some sort of double-layered mirror inside the casing, which allows one mirror to look out the back window, and one to look somewhere else. How does this work? Check here for answers.


Also: If you haven’t noticed, there is a new-ish page available, “Things Erin Approves Of” (yeah, I know, it should be “Things of Which Erin Approves”, but that sounds stupid). It has my recommendations of literally everything from websites to bands to events. I’m adding categories and links all the time.

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