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SILT (Stuff I Learned Today) #6

May 30, 2008

Stuff I Learned Today: Filling an audi’s engine with sand doesn’t make it run better.

Also: Stumble really does create new traffic for your blog or webpage. My daily hits have gone from something like 25 on a good day to a record high of over 500 yesterday, all because of some listings on Stumble. I’ve also learned that in order to get hits on your blog, you should pay attention to what topics people are searching for. Things like “life”, “music”, “news”, “photography” and “politics” are popular right now. This is good to know, as almost anything you write can be classified as one of the above.


Stuff I Already Knew: Potato candy, a delicacy seemingly prefered by Irish and Appalachians, is made with one potato, some peanut butter, and several pounds of powdered sugar. The potato is boiled with the skin on until soft, and then the skin is removed. With a mixer, smash the potato and keep adding powdered sugar (anywhere from 2-4 pounds, depending on how large your potato is) until the mixture begins to look like dough. Spread extra powdered sugar on your rolling surface, and then roll out the dough mixture just like you’re making cookies. Spread peanut butter to your desired thickness over the dough, and then begin rolling the dough up from one side, into something that looks like a Swiss Cake Roll. Slice into bite-size pieces and eat! Can be refrigerated and will last quite a while, but doesn’t have to be refrigerated.


Stuff I Want to Learn: What is a simple way to use things such as trackbacks and pings, and how does doing so benefit a blogger? Check here for answers.

BONUS!!! 100 people banging a drum. More entertaining than you would imagine.

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