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SILT #…7? Yeah. 7.

June 4, 2008

Stuff I Learned Today: Companies should get “The Whitest Kids You Know” to do promotion for their products. I watched their video, “Dinosaur Rap,” which is about smoking weed with dinosaurs. Now, I don’t smoke pot. I’m not strongly against it, but it’s something that I haven’t done, and I have no desire to. But, for an instant, while watching this video, I REALLY wanted to. I think this sort of marketing could be put to good use elsewhere. I promised somewhere in my About Me or my links page that I wouldn’t post content or link to things that were offensive or illegal. I’m going to break that promise here, but I’m going to be sneaky about it. I’m going to offer you a link to the video instead of embedding it here. I’m also going to highly suggest that if you’re not offended by a guy smoking pot with dinosaurs, you watch the video. I add the following disclaimers, however. The first is that if you’re at work, or if you think smoking pot is the ultimate sin, or something like that, don’t click the link. The second is that I’m not really a fan of most of the other songs by “The Whitest Kids You Know.” A lot of them verge on being pretty offensive. So look at their other stuff at your own risk. I don’t endorse any of it, as yet.  

Ok, here’s your link.



Stuff I Already Know: When a butterfly first emerges, it takes some time to roll and unroll its proboscis, ejects leftover tissue from making the wings (this looks like the butterfly is bleeding) and then flaps its wings to dry them. In that order. All that nonsense about the wing flapping being first is nonsense. I just watched two butterflies emerge, in person, and that was the order that each did things. Oops. I just accidentally confessed that this is “Stuff I Learned Today” instead of “Stuff I Already Know.” I’m tired, and I couldn’t think of anything. Sorry.


Stuff I Want to Learn: Who would Americans like to be Barack Obama’s running mate? Click here to see responses.

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