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SILT (Stuff I Learned Today) # 8

June 12, 2008

Stuff I Learned Today: I learned several blog-related things today. One is that there really aren’t enough WordPress themes. I had to change mine again, because I wanted more things in my sidebars, and I didn’t want people to have to scroll down forever to get to the things that I was adding. Unfortunately, having two sidebars means that I have to make the pictures that I add to this blog smaller. Fortunately, though, the particular theme that I added has a search function and an RSS button up in the header, so that’s two less things that I need on my sidebar.

Also: I learned recently that Stumble will eventually block you if you keep reviewing your own pages. I have to find a way around this, because most of my current traffic is coming through Stumble, and it lessens every day that I don’t review something. My plan for now is to review the pages on my blog that I think Stumblers will be most interested in. I’m also looking at other ways of promoting, such as contacting people that I believe have interests served by this blog.

Stuff I Already Know: If you give a raccoon a sugar cube, the raccoon will attempt to wash the sugar cube in water, as it washes all of its food. The sugar cube, of, course, will dissolve, leaving the raccoon very confused.

Stuff I Want to Learn: What are some supportive writing communities online? I’m currently trying out Writer’s Cafe,  but I’m still open to suggestions. Click here for answers.


Bonus: Today, I was talking to Josef, and I told him that a tornado in Iowa had gone through a boy scout camp and killed four people. His response was “Well, they certainly weren’t prepared for that, were they?”

I know, terrible joke.


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