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Want to hear a sad story?

June 16, 2008

It’s been a rough twenty-four hours. First, I learn that my grandmother, who is the most important family member in my life and who is like a mother to me, might have a broken pelvis/hip. She’s sixty-seven, and in bad health. Apparently, she was walking down a flight of steps, and did that embarrassing thing where you think you’re on the bottom step and you’re not. This caused her to come down pretty hard on one leg, and she’s having a lot of pain. She sees the doctors again Wednesday to find out exactly what’s wrong and what the next step (no pun intended) is. Hopefully it isn’t surgery, because the last two times that they wanted to do surgery, they said she was too weak. If you’re the praying type, please send some her way. If you’re not, I’m sure that your thoughts will suffice.


Then, I was offered a wonderful opportunity, which I was prepared to snatch up immediately. If would have solved my financial issues, given me a great deal of power, looked good on resumes, etc. Turned out that the offer was premature, and was later retracted. AFTER, mind you, I had called half of the people I knew to tell them how excited I was about said opportunity. I haven’t had the heart to call back any of those proud folks and tell them the latest developments. Maybe I can be like Miss Adelaide (Guys and Dolls for you non-theatre types) and spend the next ten years or so constructing an elaborate lie so that I never have to tell the truth. In any case I promised not to discuss it, or I would go into more detail, but suffice it to say that I’m pretty damned disappointed. I mean, it really would have been cool to be Obama’s veep. . .  I mean, to be the new stocker at Kroger. Yeah. That was the offer. Right.


So my day hasn’t been all that great. However, I have an order of sweet and sour chicken on the way, and my cat briefly left her window-sill sanctuary to offer me some comfort. AND (I nearly forgot!) I won a Blog of the Day award yesterday. I don’t know a lot about the selection process, but I got a cool button (and my homies agree I really look good in black – FOOL!) I also have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m well on my way to repairing a relationship that is very important to me, and also I know that a certain fellow who is very bad indeed will be spending tonight (and many nights to come) in jail. Sorry to be cryptic, but there’s just so much that’s a secret right now. I’ve never had so many secrets in my life.


Cookies, anyone? I could use some.

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