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Photoblog – Kentucky Renaissance Faire Pt 1

June 23, 2008

I usually spend at least half of every weekend, during the summer, at the Kentucky Renaissance Faire. I’ve been going since the second weekend of their opening season, but it is only this summer that I’ve started to take pictures. I realize that not many people have been to a Renaissance Faire, and most people who have been to one suffer from the same desire not to take pictures (and thus “break character”) as I do. Because of this, I’m providing some pictures as well as commentary. I’ll be making a second post in the next couple of weeks to more fully document the faire and the faire experience, as I realize that most of these pictures are of the joust. What can I say, I was impressed.

Early in the afternoon I went to see the Equestrian Acrobatics, performed on the joust field by the same group that does the joust. I was completely stunned at their routines. Picture the sorts of things that you see at a circus, and then picture very brave souls, without any safety equipment that I can see, doing backflips from the back of one moving horse to another. Stunning.

Equestrian Arts


 Equestrian Acrobatics

 After the acrobatics, I wandered to Main Street to see the town meeting. Soon after arriving, I was threatened with beheading by the King, who seemed to be in a foul mood for essentially no reason.

Robert the Bruce, King of all Scotland

The King then Knighted some of the village children, asking them to uphold the duties and responsibilities of a Knight, which apparently include listening to your parents. This young girl was absolutely the cutest knight I had ever seen, and the King had to move her parasol for the Knighting. How often does that happen?

A Knighting

I then witnessed a gathering of townsfolk. From left to right, in the picture below, are Captain Amos, the Mayor, the Gravedigger, Crazy Caro, and an Itinerant Piper. It was Masquerade Weekend, which explains the exciting masks seen around the Faire.

Gathering of Townsfolk

Toward the end of the evening, I went to see the Joust. I had seen only the last few minutes of the joust the week before, so I was very excited. This year’s joust performers were much better than the ones from the year before. That didn’t prevent the rider in the photo below from failing to notice a bale of straw in his path. The horse had no trouble avoiding the obstacle, but the rider was rather surprised, I must say.


Surprised Jouster

Next, jousters had to knock a cabbage off of a post while they were riding by.



Finally, we got to the actual Jousting. The Jester got into the act a bit, riding a miniature pony that he called Dog. In the next shot, if you look carefully, you will see that the Jester has just lost his lance and is in the process of falling off of Dog.



If you like what you see here, be sure to take a look at Part II and Part III of this photoblog.


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