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Missing – AMAZING!!!

June 26, 2008

Earlier today I found a blog linking to, and I clicked the link out of boredom. It’s a website that allows you to search through the “lost money” files of most US states. If a state is holding money for an individual (this often happens because of overpayments, moves, etc) it may list these funds on Missing Money. These funds are also listed once a year in the local papers. I spent about an hour searching for everyone I could think of, and I found money for my father, my aunt, my grandfather, and my ex-boyfriend’s father. After you find your name, you fill out an online claim form, and then you are sent to additional forms (either online or through mail) for the state that the money is in. If you can prove that you are the person the money is for, and that you lived at the address listed, you get the money!

This site is truly amazing, and I had never heard of it before today. Quick, everyone, check out Missing


EDIT: Apparently, due to coverage on Dateline, Missing and other websites like it are receiving unbelievable national attention. I would point out that Missing is not the only site where you can find your unclaimed funds. I found this site, run by the federal government, that has some more information on the process of finding and regaining your lost funds. You should also look for sites that are specifically run by the state that you live(d) in.

There are a lot of websites and individuals who will search these databases for you, and will tell you if you have any unclaimed money, all for a small fee. This is technically legal, but the process of searching is so easy that I don’t know why you would pay anyone to do it for you. Be cautious, as always, about business deals online and about giving out your information to others over the internet.

With that said, I am now making a one-time offer, due to boredom and my love of treasure hunts. If someone out there is brave enough to give me their name and the state and/or city in which they would like me to look, I will happily spend a couple of hours searching the databases for them and will email them the results for free. Seriously. I’m that nice.

Shoot me some comments, guys! I’m curious about whether anyone other than me is getting any money out of this. Also, if you like this post, please feel free to Stumble or Digg it, or whatever else you can to show your appreciation.

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  1. Jebus permalink
    July 14, 2008 2:21 pm

    Wow thats if reaking awesome. I hope they got some money for me. But in the mean time I guess I’ll just have to be entertained by the free hilarity thats offered at

  2. April 3, 2009 3:41 pm

    I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff


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