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Photoblog – Kentucky Renaissance Faire Pt 2

June 30, 2008

This past weekend was Lords and Ladies Romance Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Faire, and I held true to my promise to photograph more of the faire than just the joust.

The first thing that I saw, early the first morning (it’s hard to miss, as it is situated just inside the gates), was Doctor Kaboom’s show. While I only managed to get one photo (and not a very exciting one at that) I thoroughly enjoyed the show, as I always do. Doctor Kaboom does a comedy science show that leaves children fascinated by science and adults roaring with laughter. Personally, Doctor Kaboom is my favorite performer at the faire, and I have been known to see his show twice in one day. 

Doctor Kaboom

After Doctor Kaboom, I saw the Mud Show. I’d been skipping Nuttin’ But Mud  so far this summer, as there is just so much to do at the faire, and getting muddy (as occasionally happens at the mud show) is not my favorite activity. However, the show this year is spectacular, and shouldn’t be missed. Slappy and his partner-in-mud, Tickled (I can never recall whether it’s Tickled Pink or Tickled Pitts, but I assure you, she’s quite lovely even under all that mud) put on a great show. You can even slip them a bit of cash in advance and they’ll “mud” one of the people in your group (be warned, this can get seriously muddy. Probably better used on your ex-husband than your Aunt Mildred). Also, this show can only be seen at the Kentucky Renaissance Faire, so you’ll be treated to an exclusive performance.

Nuttin But Mud

Nuttin But Mud


After the Mud Show, I went to the Human Chess Match. This is run by Captain Amos and the Constable, and is always a riot. This week, I was somehow talked into playing, instead of watching as I usually do. The idea of human chess is that everyone stands on a huge chess board marked out on the ground, holding a staff with a depiction of their game piece on it. Then the Captain and the Constable move the pieces around the board. The major difference between regular chess and Human Chess is that in order for one side to take the other’s piece, the two pieces in question must compete in a contest. I won a twirling contest against the opposing team’s bishop, but lost a cuteness contest to a six year old girl in pink (hardly fair contests in either case, I believe). Other possible contests include Blood Curdling Scream, Giving Reverence, Dancing, Captain Says, and Thumb Wars. I’ve also seen the Captain hold Tallness contests when he was losing. The Human Chess Match is a great way to involve yourself in the faire, as anyone can play.

Human Chess

 One of my other favorite parts of the faire is the Rat Pucking. This takes place down the length of Main Street, starting near the front gate. Rat Pucking is a lot like golf, except that puckers use sticks and “dead rats” made of cloth. The contest begins in a Cluster Puck and ends when someone hits the fence (but not the statue or the rock it stands on) next to the open field. Each player must announce his or her name, stroke, and shout “Cheese!” before taking a shot. Other rules include playing it where it lies, (as seen in the photo of the Captain below) and anything else the King thinks up. This past weekend, the King declared a one stroke penalty for hitting any of the trees along the way, but later declared that there would be no penalty for hitting leaves (and thus it was decreed that leaves are no longer part of the tree).


Captain Amos playing it where it lies with the help of the King

One of the best late-afternoon activities is the Cast Pub Sing, which actually takes place in the Tea Garden. There are at least two other pub sings (one in the morning and one at the very end of the day) in addition to this one, but I enjoy sitting in the trees and sipping tea while enjoying the music. This week, they found a willing Scotsman to play along with the “Scotsman” song.

Cast \

For the past few weekends, the faire has also been graced with the presence of a troupe of stilt-walkers. I was fortunate enough to catch one in the act of visiting the petting zoo, a popular activity for children. The petting zoo is located outside the gates next to the camel rides.

Stilt Walker at Petting Zoo

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to throw in a few personal likes about the faire, so that you’ll have some idea of where to start. As I’ve said before, my favorite performer is Doctor Kaboom. I also highly recommend the Joust and the Equestrian Acrobatics. For children, the Human Chess Match and the Knighting are great activities. All of the performers are wonderful, but I especially enjoy Jack Salt and the Captain’s Daughter as well as Liam’s Fancy. For adults, there is a second pub located in Briarwood Forest, and while I haven’t spent a lot of time there, I did happen to walk by and hear some rather interesting music that I don’t think you’ll hear elsewhere in the faire.

As far as food is concerned, you can’t go wrong. You simply must try the Shepherd’s Pie at the pub, and for those on a budget, try the Bakery on Main Street or the jerky and pickle stand near the main pub. The Tea Garden will always keep you hydrated, and there are even games to play, as well as music to listen to. Finally, make sure that you stick around long enough for the final Pub Sing, as it contains mini-performances by all or most of the cast and performers, and is my favorite part of the faire.

If you haven’t yet done so, feel free to read Part I or Part III of this photoblog.  And with that, my friends, I leave you. Good day!

 The Captain and ladies

To the gates!

The Captain and I

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  1. July 2, 2008 9:21 pm

    I am so glad that someone got a picture of Capt Amos playing the rat off the top of the booth. Fabulous.

    Thank you for the pictures! We who can’t walk around with cameras all day really appreciate it when folks like you take pictures for us and make them available.

  2. Mia a.k.a. "Tickle Pitts" nuttin'but mud permalink
    July 7, 2008 7:19 pm

    Thanks for the great review and pics! Glad you had a good time. We look forward to seeing you again! (and thank you for finally braving the Mud Show 🙂

  3. June 14, 2009 3:31 pm

    YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You


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