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Photoblog – Kentucky Renaissance Faire Pt 3

July 8, 2008
I debated, while at the Faire last weekend, whether or not to write a Part 3 for my Kentucky Renaissance Faire series. I wasn’t sure whether I had exhausted my subject or not. It was suggested that perhaps there would be a Part 3 if “something interesting happens”. Unfortunately, if something interesting DID happen (and I am hearing that all sorts of interesting things probably did happen), I missed it, as I was a temporary squire for the day. The jousters were short a couple of people and needed the help (mostly holding horses and picking up lances), and I had an absolutely wonderful time helping out. I hope I get the chance to do so again. In any case, I did get a few photos that I really like, and I have a few from the last couple of weekends that didn’t make it into the other blog posts.

A lot of these make use of a new function that I’ve discovered on my camera which allows me to select one color and make the rest of the image black and white. As an example, in the photo below, I have the color selection set to “Cheese”.

Phillip eating cheese

Phillip eating cheese

I realize that using this sort of function is. . . (really bad unintentional pun on the way). . pretty cheesy, especially for anyone who hopes to eventually have their photography taken seriously, but I have a weakness for this sort of thing. I’ll probably play around with it for a few weeks before I realize that it isn’t really all that exciting. I think most of the draw at this point is that my camera won’t shoot in black and white, and while I can convert things to black and white on the computer, I am really enjoying being able to shoot mostly in black and white and see the results on the spot.
With that said, enjoy the following shots.
Josef in the pub
Juggling Supplies
Pickled Brothers and Cuteness
Captain Amos, Phillip, and Molly
Captain Amos
A quiet moment
I’m planning on spending at least one day of each of the next two weekends at the faire, so perhaps if “something interesting happens” there will be a combined Part 4. Also, after the last weekend, I’ll be making cds and/or posting all of my faire pictures to Google Albums. If you’re involved with the faire and would like to have access to these photos, contact either Crazy Caro (I assume you can find her, just follow the sound of the bagpipes) or myself (via the comments section).
If you haven’t yet seen Part 1 or Part 2of this photoblog, please do so. I especially recommend Part 2.
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  1. Mike permalink
    July 8, 2008 4:31 pm

    Nice articles about the ren fair. I own the pickle and jerky cart, so thanks for the mention. Drop by sometime and say Hi so I can put a face to your name.

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