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Rasputina, how I love you.

July 15, 2008

I have this terrible habit of putting a CD on in my car and then listening to it endlessly for days or even weeks. This most often happens with the Dresden Dolls, Evanescence, or The Duhks, but recently, Rasputina has made an appearance. I first saw Rasputina at the Dame, here in Lexington, about this time last year. I had heard that if I liked the Dresden Dolls, I would like Rasputina, and whoever made that point was absolutely correct. I adored Rasputina, and I bought their cd after the show. When I listened to it sober the next day, I STILL loved it. I have since decided that Rasputina is without question the best band in the world to listen to while intoxicated.

Sadly, they don’t seem to have very many high-quality youtube videos. I’m including the following video because it has good quality audio and because it has some photos of the band. Unlike a lot of groups, Rasputina has put a lot of work into their appearance, so be sure to watch the video.

 I also found a beautiful, beautiful, wonderful website that provided me with some of my favorite Rasputina songs.

Thimble Island

Thimble Island is the only song that I clearly remember from the concert I attended, but I clearly remember loving it. And when I got home that night and discovered that it wasn’t on the CD that I had purchased, I immediately went to Amazon and bought the CD that it WAS on. This is still one of my favorite Rasputina songs.

Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken

This song, on the CD that I purchased at the show, immediately captivated me, much to the dismay of everyone who has ridden in the car with me since. I suspect that it might have been another of the songs that I heard at the show, but at this point I can’t remember, and it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that this song draws you in and refuses to release you until it is over. Just listen to it. I dare you.

1816, the Year Without a Summer

The first song on the Oh Perilous World cd, 1816 was my first sober introduction to Rasputina. I always wonder whether a band has chosen the first song for a particular cd for its ability to draw in a new audience, and I believe that in Rasputina’s case, this is exactly what happened.


Rasputina is, in my mind, one of the weirdest bands out there, but also one of the most enjoyable to listen to. I highly suggest checking out their website.

I also suggest, if you enjoy their music, that you buy their CDs. I know that you can download their music for free online, and I know that you are making the argument to yourself that as a small band, they should take any promotion that they can get. If you’re seriously going to promote the band, and have all your friends listen and then buy cds, then go ahead and illegally download the music. Otherwise, suck it up and buy the CD(s). Small bands need our support.

Also, if you’re a Dresden Dolls fan, the wonderful website that I borrowed (stole?) the music for this blog from also has a post from one of their live shows, and it contains a lot of new/unrecorded music. You have to hit the link at the top of page to older posts, but it is well worth it.

And with that, I bid you good day. Bring back the egg, my friend.

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