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Missing 2 year old girl: Please help!

July 22, 2008

If you live in Florida, you’ve probably already heard the story of little Caylee Anthony, who went missing five weeks ago. If you live elsewhere in the country, and haven’t heard the story yet, here’s your briefing.


Caylee Anthony has not been seen by her mother or the rest of her family since June 9th. Her mother, Casey Anthony, claims that she dropped Caylee off at a baby-sitter’s apartment on June 9th, and that she has not seen her since. She apparently has made little or no attempt to explain when she discovered that her daughter was missing or what she has done to try and find her. It turns out that the apartment that Casey claims to have left her daughter at has been unoccupied for several months. Currently, authorities have Casey Anthony in custody, and they are doing everything possible to find her daughter, Caylee, despite the mother’s apparent unwillingness to help. Here’s a link to the full story, from The article has a great deal of information along the right-hand sidebar.

Also, here are some photosof Caylee.

Some reports are suggesting that Caylee is probably dead, and that her mother, Casey, borrowed a shovel the night that Caylee went missing. Other reports suggest (and the young girl’s grandmother seems to agree) that Caylee is probably still alive, and that her mother knows who she is with.

If you have any idea where Caylee can be found, or what might have happened to her, please contact your local authorities, who will, I’m sure, be happy to pass along the information to authorities in Florida. Also, please tell anyone and everyone that you know about Caylee’s disappearance, and maybe someone will spot her or know something. She could be anywhere, really, as police have released no information concerning her possible whereabouts, so please keep an eye open even if you live far from Florida. A two-year-old is probably not able to tell anyone that she is not where she is supposed to be, and she might not even know that something is wrong.

Please, help find Caylee Anthony.

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