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A Tribute to Punk Rock Mommy

July 23, 2008

Via StumbleUpon, I recently found a rather devastating blog. Punk Rock Mommy  chronicles the life of a woman who discovers that she has a rare and fatal form of breast cancer. The blog follows her diagnosis, treatment, and eventual death. I was absolutely heartbroken as I read this.

 Death is something that happens all around us, all the time. People that we know die, and almost every day on the news we hear of people who have died. Despite this, death remains a mystery, and most of us are afraid of it, whether we want to admit it or not. I’ve always wanted to be near someone who knew that they were going to die, so that we could talk about what they were thinking, whether they were scared, etc. Reading the journals of Punk Rock Mommy was the first time that I have ever had a close encounter (if reading her journal entries over the internet could be considered “close”) with death. It was an astounding experience, and it made death seem more real. It also made it seem both more and less terrifying.

I believe that anyone could benefit from reading this blog, whether you are concerned about death, know someone how has cancer, or are simply a human being. I can’t imagine that there are many other pieces of writing like this one out there, and I sincerely hope that someone with the ability to do so offers to make this great work into a book. Maybe the proceeds could go to a cancer charity. Just an idea.

For those who think that the blog is probably “over” now that Punk Rock Mommy is no longer with us, I have a nice surprise. Her husband has announced that he (and the children) will be continuing the blog to chronicle their lives now that Punk Rock Mommy is gone. I can’t believe the amount of pain that I felt reading the last entries, and I only read the whole blog in a day. I can’t imagine the feelings of someone who followed along for years.

In closing, please read Punk Rock Mommy’s blog, and if any of her friends and/or family are reading this, my thoughts are with you.

EDIT: People have mentioned that the links are currently down (maybe because of the vast amounts of traffic that the site is getting). I tried google searching for the link, and I somehow managed to get back to the site after much clicking. Temporarily, try google’s cache of the site.

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  1. Paul is a Hermit permalink
    July 23, 2008 9:50 pm

    At the moment, all the links take me to Google, saying the DNS appears broken. The first couple of links which Google gives say the link is broken. I’ll try later.

    I’ve always been curious about death, don’t want to, but since we all do, I’ve wondered about it, and also my relations with people who know me, what they’ll do or say, where they’ll hide. 🙂

    I hope there is something good after, but do not really think there will be.

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