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I just threw an orange at my roommate

January 11, 2009
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It made a resounding thunk, and he shouted “OooW!” in a surprised voice. I must point out that my decision to throw said orange (left over from Christmas, and should probably be called a “yellow” at this point) was motivated by a conversation I was having online with my future roommate, from The Corner Booth. Any retaliatory oranges you can throw at him would be much appreciated. I love internet mischief.

In other news, I finally formally gave up on making one of my friendships fit the box I had chosen for it. Well, chosen might be too strong a phrase. The friendship once fit in that box. I don’t know which of us decided that it should. It no longer does, and I’ve been trying to force it to, thinking that the other person also wanted it to. I’ve decided that perhaps I was alone in the forcing, and have just decided to let it be what it is. I already feel better. We even hung out recently and things went, in my opinion, pretty darn well. I lose some of the nicer qualities of the box, this way, but I really haven’t had them in a while anyhow, and it was nice to feel as though things were getting better. Mature, I seem to be getting.

Tonight  I feel strange. Sort of real-er than usual, and also sort of fragile, like glass. Really clean glass. So, from the evidence before us, I am a window that has just been Windex-ed. The real question is, what kind of window am I? And, if I may wax poetic for a moment, as I sometimes do, I shall tell you. Tonight I am a wide, tall window, curved at the top. I’m not broken into sections with wooden bars, because that would break up the view. And if you look out the window, you’ll see a deer. It’s skittish, so don’t tap. Past the deer is a stream, rather ordinary except for how clear the water is.  And all of this is going on in the mind of a Parisian girl who just sat down on the sidewalk along the Seine to soak in some rare winter sunshine. Someone is taking her picture, so don’t worry, the moment will be preserved.

That’s how I feel tonight. Seriously. Weird stuff, huh? I think it’s good. I think. I don’t know, I’m probably too close to myself to know for sure. And now I’m off to dress up and take dinner and a movie to Josef at work. Don’t go “aww” just yet, though, because he cooked the dinner and rented the movie. I’m more of a facilitator here.

For those of you Joe Six-Packs out there playing a drinking game at home: sharks.

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  1. Mike permalink
    January 11, 2009 3:48 pm

    Oh goddamn, sharks was my word…*turns up glass of Woodford Reserve, hits floor*

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