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Tire Store / City Recommendation

January 12, 2009

So. I was in Bardstown the other night for a Mid-Winter Feast, and the trip surprised me in a number of ways. The first was that the Mid-Winter Feast (the ostensible reason for my trip) was spectacular (food was tasty, entertainment good, and the venue startlingly cool). My only complaint is that I thought the red round flat things on my plate were slices of cranberry sauce, and they were beets. Not a good mistake to make. Though it did almost make for a good Doug joke. I just couldn’t pull it together in the end. Some kid in the audience was more on his game than I was, and when Father Christmas was announced, the kid shouted “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! That’s Santa Claus!”

I also took on a flock of roosting chickens in order to retrieve 5 eggs. I had to step up because the guys that I was with were sort of sitting around looking at the chickens going “hmm . . . this doesn’t look like it’s going to be pleasant.” There was a lot of fluttering, and one large, scary-looking white chicken was sitting directly above my head. I wasn’t sure whether she intended to slash my eyes or poop on my head, but I quickly reached in past a pair of very pretty banty roosters and snatched out the eggs.

The most surprising thing was the series of events that followed my getting a flat tire (new tires, too! Firestone just put them on last week!). First, there was the period of deciding what to do.  Do I put on the unreliable spare and drive to Walmart? Do I put the car up on blocks, and take the tire to Walmart in a different vehicle? Do I call AAA? My final decision was to pick up some Fix-a-flat, and then drive the “fixed” flat to Walmart. The Fix-a-flat did a surprisingly good job. Not only does it patch the leak, but it also inflates your tire enough to drive on long enough to actually get it fixed (or, as the guy who recommended it to me states, you can just drive on the Fix-a-flat for a year. It worked for him.) Unfortunately, Walmart won’t touch a tire with Fix-a-flat in it, because of some environmental hazard that they don’t have the certification to handle. Walmart in Bardstown suggested that I try Big O Tires, and I’m glad they did. The guy in charge was very cool, and after the tire was fixed (leaking valve stem, if anyone cares), he only charged me $5. I then pulled out my debit card, and he just waved me off and said “come back next time.” Very, very cool.

This is the attitude that makes me think I’d like to live in Bardstown someday. It’s a nice town. The people are friendly. There’s a ton of community stuff.  Some of my soon-to-be family lives there.  There’s also an awesome sausage shop. So there you have it. Visit Bardstown. Go to Big O Tires. Hell, go to Big O Tires in your town. I’m planning on driving back to the one in Bardstown for my next oil change. See, being nice to people pays off.

Also, I don’t recall how it happened, but I was searching google images for “aging jew” for comedic purposes (my apologies to easily-offended jews). One of the first images was this one, which makes zero sense to me. It’s apparently the former Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris. Suggestions, anyone?

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