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If you have children, this applies to you. Scary!

January 18, 2009

So apparently, in an effort to make our children safer, a law (H.R. 4040) is being passed that requires any items to be used by children under twelve (or even items which might appeal to children under 12) to be tested for lead. This law could essentially put home crafters, and any small-time business that caters to children, out of business. The law goes into effect Feb 10th, and all products will have to be tested after this. This means that daycares must replace or test all of their cribs, and that a full-time mom who makes cloth diapers must have each batch of diapers tested (at prices upwards of $75 per item).

It appears that the law is not meant to include resalers, thrift stores, and consignment stores (and it would only have affected them for a short time anyhow, until all of the pre-law merchandise was sold off and replaced with new merchandise). However, anyone who makes toys, clothing, or even wall art for children will be affected by this. I’m including several blog posts that have a lot more information than I do, because honestly I only just learned of this a few minutes ago.

The first is over at, and it pretty comprehensive. Also check out these two blog posts. If you want to read the full text of the law, you can do so here. You can also get a clearly explained description of the law here.

Also, again from, here are some things that you can do if you are worried about this law.

#1. Contact the local media. Millions of americans have no idea this act even passed, or what affect it would have on them. We need this to be investigated further, we need answers on EXACTLY what affect this will have on our kids, our economy, and our pocketbooks. We need answers on EXACTLY what as crafters, we can do to make our voice heard in this law! I am a CRAFTER, not a CRIMINAL… and just because they forgot me when writing this act doesn’t mean I should have to break the law to do what I love. I refuse to do something illegal, so we need to stand up and make them remember that they left us out. If they DIDN’T leave us out, and intended to treat us as equals along with multi-million dollar retailers, they need to realise their mistake and do something about it.

#2. Contact your Congress member, and your Senate member. There are links and sample letters to send below. They need to remember us, and speak for us! They work for US. You voted them in on Nov 4th.. make them work for you! Contact the office of the president elect! Tell him this is unjust and unfair, and tell him why! He will be in office when this act takes affect… hold him accountable and tell him we need his help. If he is for small business, as he said, then he needs to take notice and stand up for us. GW signed this into law…maybe Obama can publically denounce the affect it will have on small business and make congress take action. (read more about it, and there are links here and a sample letter you can customize and send to your congress member and senate!) (read more about it)

Sign the petition here…

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