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Some thoughts at 12:35am

January 18, 2009

1. The other day I measured a room in guitar lengths. I had lost my tape measurer, and I needed to convey the size of a room to Mike at The Corner Booth, as he will eventually be moving into said room. I looked around for a few minutes and tried to determine just what I could use to measure the room. I considered my own body, but decided that measuring a room in Erin units (5 feet 6 inches, roughly) wasn’t going to go well. I then seized upon a didgeridoo as a reasonable device with which to measure a room. Of course, this would then require that I look up the length of a standard didgeridoo, and then transmit that information to Mike, who would have to measure his room to get some sense of comparison. So, after some consultation with my fiance and about 10 minutes of work, I got back to Mike.  “The room is 2.5 guitar lengths wide, 3 guitar lengths long, and has a closet approximately 1 guitar length long and 1 ukulele deep.” He proceeded to measure his room in a similar fashion and we determined that the sizes are similar. Moral of the story? If you don’t have the appropriate equipment to measure something, try measuring it in a unit the other person will also have available. It works surprisingly well. It’s also a great deal of fun.

2. Obama will be President as of Tuesday. My fiance is in Washington to stand along the parade route and be excited. My favorite band, the Dresden Dolls, will be singing at one of the inaugural balls, and thus has tickets to the inauguration itself. There will be live coverage on virtually every channel, I imagine. Me? I’m going skiing. I’ll be sure to shout a big “Obamaaaaaaa!” as I roar down a mountain at 30 miles an hour (speed estimated).

I still recall (who doesn’t, it was just a few months ago), my excitement at seeing those big “Yes He Did” slogans on newspapers on November 5th. I think Obama is a smart, reasonable guy. I think he’ll make good decisions, and he’ll listen to the people around him to help him make his decisions. Even if I don’t agree with everything he says, I trust that he won’t do anything truly terrible.  Some people, however, tend to think that Obama is going to be a miracle worker. I don’t think so. He’s not going to bring all of the troops home by Valentine’s Day. He’s not going to get everyone in America a new job by next Christmas. He’s also not going to get us all insured under a global health care plan before you trip and break your arm, and he’s not going to fix global warming just in the nick of time. He’s going to do what he can, fix what he can. Anything will be a relief, but please, oh please, don’t attack him just because he fails to right the entire world within 3 months of getting into office.  I know that the “first 100 days” are supposed to be important, but give him time. The man is not a miracle worker, the tooth fairy, or Gandalf. He is, however, going to be President in just a few days. Whoo!

3. I’m going to my first Bridal Show tomorrow. I’m not getting married for about a year and a half, so this is sort of a browsing venture. Also, my wedding is going to be very low-budget. I want to have a nice dress and a nice photographer, and I want all 150+ guests to have a good time, but I don’t much care about flowers, DJs, gourmet food, etc. Thus, a Bridal Show really might not be the place for me. But I’m going to try it out. It might be really helpful. At the least, it will probably give me an idea of the sorts of things that I should be thinking about. I’ll blog about it, hopefully with photos if they’ll let me take some.

4. The plane-sailing scene in Sahara, while incredibly impractical, is still wonderful.

5. Readers of this blog probably think I’m suffering from some sort of multiple personality disorder. I understand that a reader who reads a blog about a wedding won’t necessarily be interested in learning how to save money on college textbooks, and neither might be interested in reading about how I went skating last night. I’m hoping that google will direct people to me for specific needs, such as saving money on textbooks (it seems to be doing ok at this so far), and that other readers will find me and just kind of skip over the posts they aren’t so interested in. That’s the plan, at least. Now if there were only 300 more people exactly like me out there. I’d read this stuff cover to metaphorical cover.

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