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“Circadian Rhythms”, or “An Unintentional Experiment in Sanity”

January 20, 2009

So. I’ve been working a lot of night desk in the dorms at my school. I started out with the 12-8am shift. Josef and I would get home after work and then sleep until 4pm. Then I switched to the 12-4am shift, but still stayed up until 8 anyway, because I had gotten used to it. Now, as shifts are being covered under the new system, I am down to no shifts. But I am still awake until 8am every morning, and I have, more than once in the last week, slept a full twelve hours.This is partly due to laziness, partly due to the strangeness of going to bed at 8am, and partly because Josef has been gone since Friday.

This morning, frustrated at this complete reversal of my normal schedule, I decided to do something drastic. I got out of bed at 745, giving up on falling asleep. I put on warm clothes and snow boots. I grabbed my ipod and my camera. And then I went out for a walk in the snow. I didn’t make it home until noon, and crawled into bed to read Terry Pratchett until 2pm. I then slept for six hours. My plan is to turn off the computer at 1am tonight, and be asleep by 2am. This should work, since I am currently running on what my body thinks is a six hour nap, with no sleep last night. If it doesn’t work, I will take Nyquil. That, let me tell you, works.

It was strange to be up so early and still feel as though it was yesterday. It was weird to be up, taking pictures, with no definite plan for where to go. The snow made it all the more surreal. It was annoying that because of the holiday, everything was closed, but I was able to stop in at Tolly Ho and have a couple of yummy greasy cheeseburgers for breakfast at 930am. I also went out to the Henry Clay Estate and pondered my engagement (new post to come on that subject in the next few hours). First, though,  some pictures from my walk! I love how snow lends itself to black and white photography, and I also love how old-timey many of these turned out, especially once the sun came out and started wreaking havoc with my shots.

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