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25 Things on a Snow Day

January 28, 2009

There’s this thing going around, and it’s not the flu. Instead of sneezing and having a fever, you’re supposed to say 25 things about yourself. Here goes!
1. I’m not great at video games, even though I like them. I tend to get stuck (I’m not good at solving puzzles) and then require someone to get me un-stuck so I can play for another ten minutes before getting stuck again. This often leaves me only games such as Nintendogs, where I STILL get stuck, because my damned dog won’t learn his stupid name. Perhaps video games are not for me.

2. The best memory that I can think of took place a couple of summers ago, when I was apartment-sitting for Josef’s cousin Amy. She had a beautiful apartment just off Bardstown Road in Louisville, and it had windows on three sides. There were a lot of storms that summer. I remember waking up one night to a huge storm only to discover that rain was coming in all of the windows. I had to dash around like a madwoman closing windows in the dark, and I got soaked. Falling back into bed with wet feet and watching the storm was amazing.

3. I like absurd things, which is probably why Catch-22 is one of my favorite novels. It probably also explains my affection for lolcats.

4. I am addicted to the internet. Seriously.

5. I have, on more than one occasion, eaten so many brownies that I later vomited.

6. At age six, I had my nose broken while playing tee ball. Hit with a bat, you ask? No, actually. I was watching the sunset when a line drive took me unawares. It’s a shame, really, since my baseball career was off to such a promising start.

7. I adore Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls. She makes music that strikes a chord in my soul. I am normally not prone to such statements, which should entice you to check her out.

8. Ending sentences with a preposition is something that I will happily put up with. I am also fine with splitting infinitives. They’ll probably throw me out of English Teacher School just for saying that.

9. I had chicken pox when I was 12. I got it the same summer that I broke my arm and got spinal meningitis. Not a good summer for me. Of course, the meningitis was my own fault, as I got it from a mosquito that was likely born in an artificial lake that I created in a creek near my house. The lake was pretty darned cool until it almost killed me.

10. Sometimes I’m struck by a word or phrase that feels almost divine. I keep thinking that somehow, if I were to collect all of these words/phrases in one place, something wonderful would happen. Today’s word is “rawr.”

11. I only have half a kidney. I’m also a habitual liar.

12. I’ll leave you to sort 11 out for yourself.

13. I am not afraid of snakes, spiders (in reasonable numbers), or heights. I am, however, terrified of revolving doors.

14. I love photography. I take several hundred photos a month, easily.

15. I think that The Poisonwood Bible may just be the best book ever written.

16. I have a tattoo, and I plan on getting another.

17. I used to love singing, but my high school choir teacher was really mean, and she convinced the entire choir that with the exception of a few talented “stars,” the rest of us were terrible. I’m now marrying into a musical family, and due to sheer intimidation I will probably never sing in public again.

18. Until he passed away two summers ago, my horse was my best friend. I still think about him almost every day. His name is tattooed on my wrist.

19. I once held a jellyfish in my bare hands. It didn’t look like a jellyfish, in fact it looked more like a jelly-plant, but I was assured that it was a jellyfish in some early stage of its life cycle. I was also assured that it would sting me. It did not.

20. As a kid, I was convinced that my cousin invented cinnamon toast. He was a very good liar.

21. I once had the following conversation on the stairs of a college dorm. Person A: “Hey, wanna go hit this apple with these washers?” Person B: “No thanks, we’re going to go try to fit [name removed] into this suitcase.”

22. Two is my favorite number.

23. I love potatoes in any form (even raw) except for hash browns and tater tots, which are essentially the same thing in different shapes.

24. I still believe in magic, and I would totally believe that song that says the only reason there aren’t dragons and unicorns is that they were playing in the water instead of getting on the ark, if only I believed in the story of the ark.

25. I occasionally fall in love with fictional characters.

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