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Angry People

February 1, 2009

Angry people scare me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I get angry. I once got so angry that I threw a cell phone at someone. The phone broke, the guy I hit was fine. This was a lesson to me. Don’t throw things that you care about.

What I’m talking about here, however,  is not your uncle who got mad when someone rear-ended him, or my fiance when he breaks a glass. It’s not even Lewis Black, who is angry about rational things. I’m talking about people who are eternally angry, eternally on edge, eternally looking for something to scream about. I’m talking about uptight people, people who assume that they are always right and that everyone else is stupid. I’m talking about people who intentionally insult and hurt others. These people scare me.

Rush Limbaugh is one. He makes me feel so sick that I can’t even post one of his videos, as I intended to. All he seems to do is scream and call people idiots and liars. The sad thing is that most of what he believes isn’t factually true. I’m willing to grant people their opinions, even if they differ wildly from mine, but seriously, people. Look stuff up sometime.

One of the guys who lives next door to me is another. About once a week, he seems to go off. He starts shouting about this or that, volume gradually rising, until his girlfriend storms out and he shouts something along the lines of “Go ahead, get out, you whore.” A few days ago, he had some friends over, and an argument burst out. I seriously thought it was going to end in violence. I considered calling the cops, as one of the guys sounded really out of control. It turned out that they were arguing about Green Day. GREEN DAY! What? Who gets violent about a band?

Another angry person who kind of scares me is this kid:

According to the video description on Youtube, he’s an actor and not actually this angry in real life, but still, this is the exact kind of angry behavior I’m talking about.

The internet brings these people out in droves. Every time I ask a simple question on Yahoo Answers or a forum somewhere,  six people jump all over me, informing me that my question is stupid, that I’m stupid, that I should be shot, etc. Why? What on earth have I done to these people?

I’m a laid back person, pretty quiet.  Shouting makes me nervous. People like Rush Limbaugh make me worry about humanity. Why is anyone that angry all the time? Why can’t you just take three seconds, take a deep breath, and realize that it’s simply not that important?

I’m not sure that I’ve really expressed my point fully here, because I’m feeling a bit inarticulate. Maybe I’ll update this later when I’m thinking clearer. Until then, friends, relax. Don’t be, as my grandmother would say, hateful. Realize that we’re all in this together.

If you can’t play nice, you’ll just have to walk around the block holding hands. That’s what my mom used to do to my sister and I when we got in arguments.

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  1. Kendall permalink
    February 1, 2009 12:13 pm

    The Internet does tend to bring out the worst in people, I guess it’s the mask of anonymity protecting them that they sadly see no reason not to be hateful.

    I think if we were made to hold hands and walk with someone if we argued the world may well be a more peaceful place.

  2. August 20, 2009 2:44 pm

    I used to be that angry when like I was a kid and teenager but fortunately I grew out of that. Some people just don’t grow up and move on. I agree their is a lot of hostility in this world. I think it comes down to how people are raised if parents don’t take the time to teach their children that violence and anger is wrong kids grow up to think its ok to act that way. Unfortunately society will be made to suffer for the lack of correction and self control parents are SUPPOSE to teach their children. Its not just kids that are angry all the time its adults too. Its a vicious cycle that keeps people in that constant state of anger,violence, and hostility. And i have to comment life brings out the worse and best in people.
    And as far as Rush Limbaugh personally I wouldn’t go off of what he is like he is a actor and socialite who wants attention. Base your findings off of real people. You can find them everywhere, behind the wheel,in the store,at work, at a concert , at a bar. Theire are angry people everywhere. What I want to know if there is a scientific answer why people now a days are so angry?

    • August 20, 2009 2:52 pm

      “You are habitually angry. You get
      mad so often you’ve forgotten what
      it’s like not to be angry. Anger is your
      best friend; maybe your only friend.
      It’s become just about the only feeling
      you have. Good-bye, happiness. So
      long, joy. Forget sadness and fear.
      What’s love got to do with it, anyhow?
      Anger, anger, and more anger, that’s
      what life is all about nowadays.
      You’re angry all the time.”
      — From the book

      wanted to follow up on this note
      Have a Great Day!


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