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I love games.

February 11, 2009

As a kid, I invented a great game. Our landlords, whose house was just behind ours, had a concrete driveway with a basketball setup. I didn’t much enjoy actually playing basketball, but I loved shooting. I would stand up there for hours, just practicing my shots. After a while, a game evolved in which I would ask the Basketball Oracle Yes/No questions, and (s)he would answer. Making a shot = yes. Missing = no. The quality of the shot was also taken into account. “Nothing but net” was considered very good, while missing the backboard entirely meant doom for your question.  Last night I saw a similar game played with the iTunes Oracle, where the questions were predetermined, and the answers hilarious. I thought I would play a similar game this morning, but with questions I actually want to have answered.

1. Will my observation teacher like me?    The Mists of Down Below -The Duhks (yeah, pretty cryptic)

2. What should I not talk about during my graduate school interview next month? Sanctuary – Matt Uleman

3. What song should I dance to at my wedding? 2001 Theme – Canadian Brass

4. Why is my father so grouchy? Mitch Hedberg 3 – Mitch All Together (I’d be grouchy too if I was being haunted)

5. What is Josef (my fiance) thinking about right now? Our Day Will Come – Jamie Cullum (as long as he’s not thinking about some other girl, great! hehe)

6. What will my weekend be like? For No One – the Beatles

7. Am I addicted to the Internet? Big Rock Candy Mountain – O Brother Where Art Thou?

8. Does someone have a secret (or not so secret) crush on me? As Vesta was from Latmas Hill descending – Old English Madrigals (I used to ask this one all the time, so I threw it in for good measure.)

9. What does my cat think of me? Revolution 9, the Beatles

10. Lastly, what should I say if someone walks up to me and says “That antelope is totally unnecessary!” ? Step Inside Love – The Beatles

Not as hilarious as the answers I saw last night or as the answers I informally got last night when playing along, but I’m using Josef’s Oracle and not mine, so maybe (s)he is reluctant to answer.

More soon on my attempts to get into graduate school and my case of senioritis.

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  1. February 11, 2009 7:27 pm

    i. love. it.

    like a magic 8 ball but so much better.

    great playlist, too. diverse.

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