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February Blog Carnival Part 3

February 15, 2009

The third part of this blog carnival has been the hardest for me. Sure, I love my fiance, but almost every love letter that I’ve ever written has seemed niave and embarrassing when I looked back on it years later. I’ve been thinking about what to say for days, and I really never had the epiphany that I wanted to. Regardless, here it is.

My love,

We met three and a half years ago. Can you believe it? There you were, in your vest and tie-dyed t-shirt, sitting in my room when I got back to college for my second year. For weeks, you existed in my head only as “that interesting-looking guy named Chuck who seems to be around a lot.” By the time I learned that your name wasn’t actually Chuck, I was already falling for you. Things happened fast after that. Now, looking back on those weeks, I smile. It seems impossible that I could have seen you, known you, and not realized what you would eventually be to me.

When I wake up in the morning, you are the first thing that I see. If I wake up without you, I sometimes think I must still be dreaming. There is no better way to spend a day than by your side. We are truly one mind and one heart in two bodies (but not in any kind of weird conjoined twins fashion). I know that when I ask you what you’re thinking, you won’t shrug and say “uh, nothing” but will instead describe to me the intricacies of your plan to train our cat to use the toilet or the daydream in which I am kidnapped and you find and murder “those bastards” who took me. I also know that I can trust you. I don’t even need to say that I trust you implicitly, or completely, or anything of that nature. I just trust you.

Thank you for making me dinner approximately 1200 times. (Based on 365 days times 3.5 years) I promise to make you soup any time you are sick.

Thank you for letting me sleep in those extra twenty minutes while you shower in the mornings. I promise to minimize the number of times I turn off the lights and dump buckets of ice on you while you’re showering.

Thank you for being understanding when I do stupid things that hurt you. I promise to be forgiving when you do the same.

Thank you for always finding a matching outfit when I want to be something ridiculous for a costume party. I promise never to dress up as Mary-Kate Olsen.

Thank you for always posing and smiling when I want to take your picture. I promise to delete all the bad ones.

Thank you for watching all my girly movies and tv shows. I promise never to tell your friends that you sometimes like them (good thing none of your friends read my blog. Except Mike. Oops).

Thank you for not being like all of those other guys I see who treat their girlfriends or wives badly. I promise to not be the sort of girl that you see doing the same things.

Thank you for allowing me to put my book on your pillow every night before bed. I promise never to put it on anyone else’s pillow.

You are intelligent, entertaining, and kind. You are laid-back but dependable. You are everything that I want and need.

I see us spending the rest of our lives together. I see picnics on the weekends, grumbling at breakfast, and endless nights discussing anything that pops into our minds. I know that we will always be two halves of one whole. Each moment of our lives will be made better by the fact that we share it with each other. There has been no better moment in my life than the one when I agreed to marry you. If you wanted to  get married tomorrow, I would break into city hall tonight, find the necessary paperwork, look up the home address of someone who can approve it, and kidnap a bride so that we can steal her officiant, location, and cake. Really.

I love you. Thank you for being you.

Will you be my Valentine?


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