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February 18, 2009

I’ve started about 8 blog posts in the last two days, with extremely limited success. So, in traditional scatterbrained fashion, here’s what I’ve got:

  • Anne Rice – apparently she converted to Christianity a few years ago, and has now dedicated her writing to Christ. I’m currently reading “Memnoch the Devil”, which was written pre-conversion. It contains a super-detailed discussion of religion, as well as Lestat, a familiar character to fans of The Vampire Chronicles. I haven’t finished the book, but I’m certainly giving a lot of thought to the author’s presentation of God and the Devil. It makes me wonder how often readers’ religious views are swayed by a fictional work.
  • Jumbo Hershey’s Kisses – They’re so large and so oddly shaped that they are impossible to eat. I keep attempting to take bites out of mine and only hurting my teeth.
  • Louisville Bridal Show – I’m by no means a traditional bride, but I’m planning on going to a bridal show this weekend with my sister (the maid of honor). Mostly it’s an excuse to hang out with my sister and ooh and aah over pretty things. Maybe I can get some more ideas about Louisville vendors as well.
  • Damn, I really want some of that chocolate. Anyone have any suggestions for getting to it? A knife hasn’t worked. Maybe a hammer?
  • Muskrats – I saw one while walking home from work tonight. In downtown Lexington. He was chilling, eating grass, about three feet off the sidewalk. He was completely oblivious to me, and I stood and watched him for a while. Eventually some (also oblivious) girl walked by and startled him, and he dashed into a storm drain. It was very cool. A lot of cool things happen on my walk home from work.
  • I have been a lot more social and productive lately. Tonight I even marinaded some steaks!

Yep. Pretty boring. I’ll try to get a serious post up in the next few days. I have one in mind, but am unsure about writing it. Until then, folks.

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  1. Mike permalink
    February 18, 2009 12:22 pm

    You want to soften the chocolate with heat. Microwave it or something, but not for too long. This will allow you to cut off a section, and eat it. Make sure you put the rest away in the fridge, and don’t keep the whole one in your hand—you just might eat the whole thing.

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