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I have a fever

February 19, 2009

Not cabin fever, or dance fever, or any of those other cool things out there. Just a plain old fever. Normally my temperature hovers in the 96-97 degree range, and I’m at 99 something, with rosy cheeks and a pale face. My father would probably say that this information is too personal to share on a blog.

Because I have a fever, and because I have taken medicine which apparently lowers my blogging inhibitions, I thought I would do a Wedding Update. I have all of these cool plans for the wedding, and I haven’t really put them out there for anyone to see. Here’s what things are looking like as of now:

Pre-Wedding Stuff:

  • Someone is supposed to throw me a shower. I worry that this won’t happen
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor’s Party – at least one of my bridesmaids will not be of drinking age, so I’m trying to think of something that isn’t strippers and booze. I am considering doing something fun (paintball? swimming?) with the girls in the afternoon, then having a joint party with Josef in the evening that is a little more adult friendly.
  • Welcome Party – I want to throw a welcome party for out-of-town guests and close family. I’m thinking a bowling night, or projecting a movie on one of josef’s uncle’s garages, something free or where everyone pays their own way. This would replace a traditional rehersal dinner, though I imagine we will probably go out to dinner with all of the parents too.
  • Decoration Party – the day before or two days before the wedding, I want to get all of the bridesmaids and anyone else who’s interested together to work on decorations and flower arrangements. I’ll probably just pick up a bunch of flowers from a farmer’s market or local vendor (read: not florist) and gather vases and such at goodwill. I’ll also have watercolors, beads, feathers, and who knows what else, so that we can have a huge craft party and make tons of decorations. I may have to have the craft party a week or so in advance and do the flowers the night before, we’ll see.


  • Format – we are not religious, so we will essentially be writing our own ceremony. I’m thinking of including a handfasting ceremony (essentially, our hands will be tied together and there will be some mention of our lives being tied together in a similar way. I know that this isn’t strictly following the traditional idea of a handfasting, but I don’t particularly care). We’ll probably also include some poetry, maybe allow a couple of people to speak about our relationship (similar to a toast), and write our own vows. I’m a bit concerned about making the ceremony long enough (I’m thinking 30 minutes) but honestly most religious ceremonies are not very long either. We just want to “feel married” after the ceremony, so we need to be sure that we include elements that provide that feeling.
  • Location – We have several options. Since we are going low-budget, a church seems like a good choice. However, the lack of a religious ceremony pretty much limits us to Unitarian churches, and as we will probably have the reception at the church social hall, the question of alcohol comes in. We are looking at locations all around Louisville, as well as surrounding towns, for someplace cheap for both ceremony and reception that will allow us to bring our own food and alcohol and has both indoor and outdoor areas. We would also like it if our reception could last a while (probably 4 hours or more, as we want to play games and actually have time to see our guests). We don’t really want to be outside due to weather concerns, but outside seems cheaper, so it may end up being a good choice, at least for the ceremony. Our backup option is to do the wedding on a Friday at the renaissance faire we frequent, as we’re fairly sure the owner would let us do so for free or for a small fee to pay whoever has to be there to open the gates and make sure our guests don’t steal things from the vendor booths or throw up in the king’s chair. There are several problems with this idea, but also some pluses, so it remains in the list.
  • Clothes – The bridesmaids will be asked to wear “nice” dresses in a similar color (I picked red initially, but I have plenty of time to change that), possibly with matching sashes or something of that nature. The groomsmen (and any bridesmaids who don’t want to wear a dress) will be asked to wear tuxes or “nice” suits in black, and will probably have some unifying element such as a vest or hankerchief that is the same color as the bridesmaid dresses. The groom will wear any type of tux he wants as long as it isn’t ridiculous, and will probably have an element that matches the groomsmen. I will be wearing, hopefully, a dress somewhat similar to the following:

The key elements of the dress are that it is strapless and that it has that business going on in the middle. I’m not sure what that’s called (if you know, tell me, as it will make talking to people at shops much easier). I also like it when the middle business comes to a sort of point, as it does here, and there is some draping (?) coming from the point. I’m unsure how poofy I want the bottom to be or whether I want much of a train (probably not). I would like it if the dress had a corset back, but if everything else is perfect, I won’t insist. I will probably wear ballet slippers instead of nice heels, as I dislike heels and am roughly the same height as my fiance.

  • Officiant – we’re thinking that finding an officiant to do our somewhat-crazy ceremony might be difficult, and if we can’t find one we plan to be married by a justice of the peace before the actual ceremony. In that case, anyone can perform the actual ceremony at the church, because it won’t have to be legal. We could even do it ourselves, though we would want someone (we’re not sure who, at this point) to perform it.


  • Location -The reception will probably be at the same location as the ceremony, just in a different area. This just seems to make sense. However, if we do a ceremony outside, or if our ceremony location doesn’t really have a pretty place for a reception (or a large enough space, or available chairs and tables) we might consider another location. We have considered having it at one of Josef’s family members houses, but this would mean being outside, so it seems unlikely.
  • Food – Potluck! We’ll provide cake, probably the main course, and the alcohol, and delegate most of the rest to friends and family in some sort of organized fashion. This is the cheapest route, since we’ll probably have 150 guests, and I don’t think anyone will mind terribly.
  • Music – probably an iPod reception, though we might hire a high school band that does big band music or jazz or something to play for an hour or two. They’re cheap, and some of them are very good.
  • Other entertainment – we plan on having tons of board games so that our guests who aren’t terribly interested in dancing will still have something to do

After-Wedding Events:

  • Picnic / Lunch – Again, we want to have tons of time with our guests, so we’ll have a picnic type event the day after the wedding, probably at Waterfront Park, where we can all eat and play frisbee and just chill.

Yep. That’s the basic idea. I could go on for hours about invitiations and specific readings and place settings and whatnot (I’m not getting picky about colors and fonts and suchlike, but I am picky about making sure that everything is fun and interesting, as well as inexpensive and as eco-friendly as possible), but I’ll save most of that for separate posts. Any suggestions? If so, stick ’em down below in the comments section!

/Fever Rant

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