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Sunday Stinks

February 22, 2009

My throat hurts. I’m bored.

I wanted to have something cool to write about today, but it’s been a long sad weekend, and Sunday is still limping its way pitifully toward the finish line. I said earlier today that I just might start drinking now and not stop for a month. It still sounds like a decent plan. Here’s a recap of my weekend for those who aren’t worried about catching my sore throat via the interwebs.

  • Friday, spend the day at my high school observation. Pretty cool, but I never know what I’m supposed to be doing. Do I follow my teacher when she leaves the room? Help students if she doesn’t notice them? Read if the class is watching a movie and I’ve already watched it twice that morning? I just feel so damned uncertain all the time.
  • Friday afternoon, get home from observation. Take two bites of pizza and learn that the fake piece of my front tooth, where I knocked the corner off as a kid, has fallen out. A week before I run out of insurance. Now I look stupid. Also, I hate the dentist.
  • Friday night – concert for my roommate, huge backache. My friend Mike came over and we played Scrabble. I put down good words. This was nice.
  • Saturday morning-ish. Drive to visit my mother and cousins. It was sunny and 60 when I left home, raining half an hour later, and then it was a blizzard. I don’t understand the weather.
  • Saturday afternoon. Greeted by my young cousin honking her own nose, as I taught her to do a few weeks ago. She remembers me. This is good.
  • Saturday evening. In the middle of a dog fight. Luckily not bitten. Chastised for not grabbing the bigger dog and pulling it off of the smaller dog. I’m not stupid, people.
  • Sunday morning. Car frozen to driveway. Literally.
  • Sunday afternoon. Two bridal shows. Given a goody bag and a cupcake. Hounded to make appointments, register for giveaways. Felt claustrophobic.
  • Sunday afternoon, on the road. Called my grandmother. She’s not doing well at all. I say that a lot, and then she miraculously recovers, which is wonderful. This time I’m not sure that she’ll be able to pull out of it. I hope that she does. I’m going to see her in three weeks, or earlier if she needs me.
  • Sunday evening-ish. Home. The house is cold. Josef is at work. My throat hurts. All of the stores that I’d like to go to to hunt for wedding stuff (usually good at cheering me up) are closed. Great.

That’s the weekend, friends, in almost as many verb tenses as exist, and I’m not fixing it. Here’s a moderately amusing video that my mom showed me this weekend.

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  1. February 22, 2009 11:24 pm

    Yup. Sometimes I have weekends like this…quite often actually.

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