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Finally Wednesday

February 26, 2009

This week has been nothing but tiring so far. I’ve been exhausted and sick, worrying about a hundred things, just wanting it to be Friday afternoon so that I could collapse and stop caring. My throat has been painful all week, and I keep losing my voice. I’ve been chugging juice and spraying numbing meds on the back of my throat. Since I’m a part time student, I can’t go to the clinic, so I’m just trying to ride the bull for my 8 seconds and then get off safely. I’ve been frantically working on study guides for students in all of my free time. I was also panicked about the whole tooth/denist thing, and Monday evening I learned that I owe the university almost a thousand dollars (also because I’m part time. I thought my funding would still apply, it doesn’t). Things are slowly falling into place, however. I’m still sick, but it hurts less. I just keep losing my voice.

The trip to the dentist went well. They numbed me, which somehow relaxed me. The dentist stuck that big needle into my gums, which kind of hurt, but the pain slowly fell away, and I really thought I was going to go to sleep. Then there was about 15-20 minutes of scraping and lights and large metal devices coming in and out of my vision, and me thinking about how strange it was that I coudn’t feel anything, and then it was done. Over. It’s fixed, and looks just like it did before. I wish the relaxation would have lasted all day.

I think I also have the huge university bill solved, and I’m finishing the stuff for my students tonight. So why can’t I relax? My body and my brain are worried about a hundred different things, none of which are important or even things that I can control. Does anyone have a favorite relaxation technique that they could suggest? I could use one if I plan on making it to Friday.

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