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I’m totally with it

March 10, 2009
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I am! I made myself a weekly to-do list last week. It scheduled the two or three hours that I have available to me every evening, letting me know when to exercise (yes, I’m adding in exercise), when to write, when to clean up, etc.

I haven’t followed it much.

Despite this, I’ve done a lot of stuff. I’ve been cleaning. I bought a rug. Took some pictures. Did some prep work. I’ve done laundry, gone for a run, organized the top of my dresser (after almost 8 months here).

I’m with it. I’ve got this life thing down. This is good. And just think, next week is spring break!

Of course, I almost slapped someone today. You see, I can’t stand stupidity and bull-headedness. And here sits this student, in my tutoring session, telling me that he can’t afford to purchase the book for his class. The tests are 90% book, 10% lecture. The professor doesn’t lecture on the material from the book. Therefore, without the book, he will fail. Yet he won’t buy the book. It only costs $40, and he could get a used copy for half that. He’s going to fail the class because of it. Well, that and because he won’t do the homework. They have to watch/read an hour of news a week and then write something about it. He won’t do it. Says he “doesn’t watch news” and therefore can’t do the assignment (20% of his grade).

Argh. I will slap you, dude. I will.

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