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Where I’m spending my week

March 30, 2009

I’ll be half-babysitting this week for two very special ladies. They’re 16 months and 3, and they belong to a cousin of mine. My mother is fostering them, and as she’s in Mexico this week (thankfully not northern Mexico, though I have a cousin visiting there right now) I get to help babysit them. I’m crazy excited.

I fell completely in love with these girls the first time that I met them. I’m sad whenever I leave them, and I love walking into the room and seeing their little eyes light up to see me. The younger one is slowly starting to talk (she’s a little behind). Her favorite game is to walk up to me and hand me something. I tell her the name of the thing and then pass it back. After a bit of practice, I now get “baaaa” when I hand her a ball. She also honks her nose when I come see her, something that I taught her the second time I saw her.

I could go on for hours, but let’s just say that I’m very excited.

I’m even plannng a mini-roadtrip for the older one on Thursday. I want to take her with me to Bardstown to help me finish the pirate ship treehouse with my fiance’s cousin. We just spent the weekend in Tennessee visiting him, and he’ll be at his parents house this weekend, which makes for a perfect day out.

Despite my excitement, I really need to make a geology study guide.

Ta-ta, loves.

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