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Killing my internet addiction – 100th Post!!

April 13, 2009

It strikes me as more than a little amusing that my 100th post (whoo, I have reached my unstated goal of writing 100 posts in a year!) is on the topic of spending less time on the internet. Anyway, on with the post.

My fiance used to pout in the evenings and say things like “The internet ate my girlfriend!” I don’t know how serious he was, but it seemed like the sort of thing to pay attention to.

I think we’ve resolved the problem. Part of the solution. . . no, let’s be honest. ALL of the solution, should be credited to Google Reader. I can now put almost every website, blog, comic, etc that I am interested in into my Google Reader, and then I only have to go to one place when I want to go “internetting”. I open Gmail, see what’s there, and pop over to Reader.  I faithfully keep up with everything in my Reader, usually 50ish posts a day. This takes an hour or two, and there’s no excuse to just wander around the internet afterward. I’m done. (Unless, of course, I’m looking for something NEW to add to my Reader.)

My favorites right now are as follows:

  • Courtney – Nashville, music, fun (what else do you need?)
  • Your Wishcake – always looking cute, making creative things, taking pictures that I wish I took (and which I strive to emulate)
  • XKCD – intelligent comedy
  • Not Always Right – oh, dumb people
  • A Practical Wedding – pretty damned handy for one of the most practical brides out there

I’m also about to graduate and start my Master’s (I got in! Whoo!) so things have been a bit busy. I expect a lighter load come summer, but I do have a rather massive summer project:

A book. (OOOH! AAAHH! Shock! Sputter!)

For those of you who might not know, I’m bad at writing books. I’m bad at them because I never really get started. I like to write things in the course of one session, usually no longer than an afternoon, and then be done. But I’ve always wanted to write a book, and I am determined to do so this summer. Usually my book-writing progress stalls somewhere after I start making lists of characters, timelines of events, cool themes to introduce, and so forth. I’m thinking of stealing a plot, or at least an opening conflict, from a plot generator, and just writing. This seems a smarter method of going about things. If I don’t worry so much about whether the book is good, or what it says, etc, maybe I’ll do better. That’s the plan. Pick a preformulated plot and just write. It doesn’t much matter if it’s good, because the second book can be good, and I’ll never get to the second book if I don’t write the first one. Maybe I’ll post chapters here. Who knows.

Suggestions for plot, setting, characters, title, length? Comment away!

Upcoming posts:

  • Application to be Erin’s Best Friend (stolen from Courtney)
  • Recent Photography
  • Now that you’re a college graduate. . . .

Oh, and one last thing. In celebration of my 100th post, I will choose one commenter  and mail them something from my apartment. What, you ask? Well, that depends on what sort of person wins. It could be a handful of plastic army men, a madonna CD, a postsecret book, or any number of other things. So, comment away. Be as entertaining as possible. Enter as many times as you want. I’ll choose a winner on Wednesday. Ready? GO!

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  1. courtney903 permalink
    April 15, 2009 4:18 am

    i’m so flattered that i’m listed as one of your favorites 🙂 ha. who knew?

    and congrats on getting into grad school! it’s a big undertaking, but admire the fact that you even *want* to continue your education.

    good luck with that book! you’re right, just write and get through it. it’ll end up much better than you ever expected.

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