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Wedding: 14 months to go

April 29, 2009

Our new roommate moved in this past weekend, and one of his first projects has been wedding planning. He’s getting maried in August, a decision that was made only a few weeks ago. Because of this, he’s been calling venues, thinking about budgets, and discussing his plans with me.  He even called the county clerk, at my request, and learned that despite the forbidding text of the local marriage laws, you can be married by virtually anyone in Kentucky. Supposedly the person has to be ordained, but they have to provide no proof of that. Also, according to the person that we talked to, the Universal Life Church is acceptable. This means that virtually anyone can be ordained and marry us. In fact, you can be ordained RIGHT NOW.

We’re a little unsure about who to ask, because we don’t really know anyone who is that important to us and who would also be a logical choice to marry us. We thought of asking one of his uncles, but they’re religious and probably wouldn’t want to officiate our non-religious ceremony. We then thought of asking one of his cousins, something that just might actually happen, despite the cousin of choice being younger than us. It’s something that we do need to be thinking of, but, as we have realized, we can just pick a name out of a hat on our wedding day and almost anyone there can marry us. It’s a relief not to be worried about it, since finding someone to officiate a wedding that we’re writing ourselves seemed virtually impossible and added yet another expense.

Another thing that I’ve realized lately is that I want to feel like me on my wedding day. I don’t normally obsess over my appearance. I don’t obsess over what people think of me. I am a laid-back, simple person, for the most part (though I do love decorating and planning details), and I want the wedding to reflect that. I don’t want to wear ridiculous heels and have a ridiculous bridal shower (though I would agree to one were it fun and not dumb).  I don’t want to promise to spend the rest of my life with Josef if I don’t even feel like myself when I’m promising it, so this has become a really important part of the planning process. On that note, Josef asked me the other day if I would walk down the aisle barefoot, and I immediately jumped at the idea.  Originally, I had just planned on wearing some comfy,  bright-colored shoes. I just didn’t care about the shoes, and so I put them near the bottom of my priority list. And now, thanks to Josef, I just need a pair of shoes to slip into for the reception. Whoo! I think his idea was a brilliant one. The reason behind it was that he wants me to come down the aisle just as myself, offering myself as I am. Somehow being barefoot helps represent that to him, and I sort of agree. I think some of his idea comes from the wedding in Braveheart, which I need to watch again (no luck finding it online, guess I’ll have to get out ye old VCR).

Also, we’re kicking around the idea of having our reception at a little place near here that is half roller rink, half bowling alley. I’ve never been there, but I know that the place is frequently rented out for boy scout events, so it can’t be too expensive. At this point I have no idea if it will be big enough to host all of our guests, cost effective, if they will let us bring our own food/alcohol, etc, but I’m already getting excited. We’ve already pretty much decided to have the wedding in Bardstown, instead of Louisville, because it is a friendly community and because some of Josef’s family has a lot of ties there. We’re hoping that Josef’s family will be able to suggest vendors/venues and that we might also be able to get them cheaper there than in Louisville. In Louisville, a venue for four hours costs over a thousand dollars, which is simply unacceptable.

Well, that’s the wedding update for you. More soon, hopefully in a more organized fashion. In the next two months I want to do a year-to-go roundup and see what is planned, what’s done, and what needs to be done. I’d also like to start thinking really seriously about the venue and photographer.  Anyone else out there planning a wedding and going bonkers trying to keep from going bonkers? Drop me a line in the comments section!

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  1. May 2, 2009 3:11 pm

    I got married last year so I know how stressful it can be. Just wanted to give ayou a suggestion for a photog in your area. Daniel Canales. He has a website but I can’t remember it right off hand. But his flickr name is snowedinsojourner. He puts alot of his pics on there. He’s very reasonable and very talented!

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