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I am a Bridezilla.

June 12, 2009

I am. I admit it. But, just for a second, let’s consider the situation. I’m not throwing temper tantrums about handkerchiefs (I bought a lot of 15 on etsy simply because they were $5 and I needed some handkerchiefs for myself, bridesmaids, mothers, etc). I’m not making spreadsheets about chocolate spoons (though I do have a guest list spreadsheet). I’m not worried about MY wedding. Honestly, there are a lot of things that I’d love to have but can’t (a castle for the reception venue, tons of money for the dress and the photographer, a venue that lets all of the guests stay the weekend, etc), but I know that it’ll be great. Just as soon as I find an inexpensive venue and photographer, the rest is just details.

But other people’s weddings. Oh my. I’m utterly convinced that everything should MEAN SOMETHING. I think everyone should be focused on community. On meaning. On love. I think people should write their own ceremonies. And I’m looking around me, at perfectly acceptable weddings, muttering “What? But! You can’t have that ‘love is patient’ nonsense, that doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s cliched. What do you mean you’re not having a photobooth? Come on, people!”
It’s a little ridiculous that I’m so laid-back about my own wedding, and about to blow a gasket over other people’s weddings. Living on Offbeat Bride Tribe might be a significant portion of the problem, but some of it is just that I’m so convinced that I’m doing our wedding right. I’ve put so much thought into it. And now I’ve decided that I’m some kind of authority on the issue.

Bridezilla RAWR.

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