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Bridezilla Update of the Week

July 4, 2009

Here’s what I’ve done and not done on my wedding, which is 6 months away. Normally I’d post this over at Offbeat Bride Tribe, but I’m frankly a little burnt out on weddings, and so wanted to post non-wedding stuff over here. Then, when I got here, I realized that I didn’t really have any non-wedding stuff to talk about (weddings will EAT. YOUR. SOUL.). So, here we go. The “done” list first.


  • Date set
  • Dress(es) bought
  • Invites, Save the Dates, and Thank You’s bought
  • Guest list started
  • Rough draft of ceremony written
  • Registries finished
  • Venue booked
  • Band booked
  • Some decorations bought
  • Wedding website started
  • Wedding party mostly sorted
  • Florist (aka his cousin Amy) found (who0!)


  • Finishing, addressing, and mailing Save the Dates
  • Finishing guest list (mostly finding some addresses, I think the list is pretty complete)
  • Deciding on food (we’re making our own)
  • Deciding on cake
  • Deciding on photographer
  • Finding an officiant
  • Finding lighting, if we can afford it
  • Honeymoon, if we can afford it
  • Booking my room the night before the wedding, our room the night of
  • Altering Dress(es)
  • Finding and buying bridesmaid dresses
  • Finding and buying wedding bands

I’m sure I’m forgetting sixty things, but there’s your Bridezilla Update of the Week. For those of you who are wholly uninterested, my apologies. I’ll be back shortly with something more interesting.

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